Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Is the Class Full?"

Dear Ladies,

I frequently am asked if one of the Basic Classes is full.  The answer is no.  You see, the way I teach the class, I can accommodate a virtually limitless number of students.  Further, I allow people to sign up until the class has been in session for ten days.  Thus, if you wish to take a Basic Class, you almost certainly can do so within a few weeks at the longest.  The schedule of Basic Classes for the next year can be found on my website,

The Advanced Class is another matter.  Due to the personal attention I give to each student, I can only accommodate up to ten active students at a time.  I have two openings in October 2012, then I won't have any more openings until January 2013.

HTH.  Feel free to write with any questions.

Agape always,

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