Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Refresher Class Option

Fascinating Womanhood Refresher Class

A former Fascinating Womanhood student (of another teacher) wrote to me to ask that I have a "refresher" option for ladies who have taken a class in the past and now need an update or a bit of renewed motivation.   This opportunity is only available to ladies who have already taken a Fascinating Womanhood class from an authorized teacher and who still have their workbooks for reference.  The workbook can be already filled in, but students really do need a workbook to retain the course materials with maximum effect.  

I will be giving the refresher option a try-out starting with the November class, which commences on October 30, 2012.  The refresher class has all the elements of the Basic Fascinating Womanhood Class except it does not include a workbook.  The cost is just $20.00. 

Enrollment in both the Basic and Refresher options is almost limitless, so yes, I have a space for you. 

Agape always,