Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Marriage Enrichment Advanced (with Fascinating Womanhood)

Marriage Enrichment Advanced is open enrollment/open graduation, meaning that one may join us at any time and take up to eighteen months to complete the twenty-one lesson course of study, in addition to the two homemaking classes that are included in the Marriage Enrichment Advanced.

The class takes place via an online Moodle classroom. Advanced class members have access to the recorded classes for up to eighteen months as well as to quizzes, readings, and integration exercises that are found only in the Advanced class taught by Cynthia Berenger.

The Marriage Enrichment Advanced Class includes eighteen months' access to the following:

Over twenty hours of recorded online Marriage Enrichment classes, including both video and audio (a $90.00 value)
Quizzes, readings, and integration exercises (with private mentoring) exclusively for Advanced Students
Basic Homekeeping and Organization class(a $15.00 value)
Vintage Homekeeping class(a $20.00 value)
Online, live weekly consultation just for Advanced Students (except during my break times, see below)
An electronic copy of Mrs. Andelin's workbook (a $10.00 value)
An electronic copy of my book, A Fascinating Companion (a $20.00 value)
All texts are in PDF (free readers are available online)

Subjects Covered:

❧ The ideal woman from a man’s perspective
❧ Recognizing and achieving Celestial Love
❧ Awakening love, tenderness, and devotion from loved ones
❧ Joy from embracing femininity and the four feminine roles
❧ Self-acceptance and appropriate self-love
❧ Overcoming role confusion and the need to control others
❧ Releasing trying to live both male and female roles--and suggestions for when you must engage in masculine duties
❧ Releasing worry and bitterness
❧ How to give up old resentments and hurts
❧ Developing self-control and character
❧ Improvement of homemaking, organizing, and child-rearing skills
❧ Achieving serenity no matter your life circumstances
❧ The Eight Relationship Rules and how to tailor them to your situation
❧ Accepting others without being a doormat
❧ Retaining a girlish spirit at any age
❧ Dealing with life's inevitable adversity
❧ Dealing with stress, the fascinating way
❧ Maintaining a sweet spirit
❧ Marital intimacy and the fascinating woman
❧ Making the teachings of Fascinating Womanhood your own

What the Class Isn't...

A place to write uncharitably about others, especially Mr. Husband (violates the teachings on Character)
Professional marital counseling (I'm not a licensed counselor)
Professional spiritual counseling or instruction (I'm not a clergyman)
Professional legal counseling or information (I'm not an attorney)
Professional medical consultation (I'm not a physician)

Date: Join any day and take up to eighteen months to complete the class.

Time: Except for scheduled maintenance times, the classrooms are available 24/7.

Cost: $95.00 USD.

Books: Each participant will need her own copy of Mrs. Andelin's book Fascinating Womanhood (for married OR single ladies) or The Fascinating Girl for single ladies. In addition, each participant will need her own copy of Sidetracked Home Executives by Pam Young and Peggy Jones as well as The Art of Homemaking by Daryl V. Hoole.

To Enroll: Download the Flyer and the "Classes with Cynthia" enrollment form from the Downloads page (see link to the left.) Alternatively, you may write to me at fwclass (at) yahoo (dot) com, and I will send to you an enrollment form and payment instructions.